Fuzeium is a Data Analytics Consultancy

Enabling Clients to Make Data-Driven Decisions with Microsoft Power BI

Ineracting With a Data Dashboard Built With Power BI

Our Approach Combines

Question-led Analytics

An Insight-from-Data Workflow

Microsoft Power BI Know-How

Our Approach Applies To

Data Dashboarding / KPI Monitoring

Operational Problem Solving


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Insights From Alberta Oil & Gas Drilling Activity Over 15 Years

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Client Testimonials

"Your calm and methodological way of operating provided a path to clarity through the chaos..."

"I was absolutely taken with the content, the flow, the story, your pace and your ability to create a comfortable and engaging environment for us participants"

"The use case you showcased was very relevant and the steps you provided for harnessing Analytics tools to answer a question led problem-solving approach was easy to follow."