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Learning Module:  
Alberta Oil & Gas Well Intelligence

Objective:  Gain oil & gas market intelligence through interpretation of Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) data.

Background:  The AER regulates oil & gas in Alberta.  To drill / operate a well, a company needs a well license.  Well licenses and drilling history data is provided by the AER.   Mining some of that data can help us understand aspects of the industry.

Sub-topics:  well drilling activity in the last year; new & canceled well licenses; confidential wells; well licensees (operators / E&P companies) activity; production fluids.

Did you know?

Example Learning Dashboard

Pricing Impact
  • Nearly 600,000 wellbores have been drilled in Alberta; About 85,000 Wells are Inactive; About 5,000 wells have been drilled in the last year.

Alberta Well Changes-Last 24 Hrs

Changes Today

Quickly see what has changed in the last 24 hours.  Covers drilling, licensing, and confidential wells.

Alberta Well Changes-Last 365 Days

Changes Today

Covers drilling, licensing, and confidential wells. Explore relationships and trends in drilling.

Pricing Impact on Alberta Drilling Activity

Changes Today

Shows the trend in average oil and gas pricing relative to drilling activity

Alberta Inactive Wells Analysis by Licensee & Age

Changes Today

Covers the number of Inactive wells, which typically haven't produced in at least 12 months.

Alberta Licensee (Operator) Production by Fluid Type

Changes Today

Covers Production fluid type (Oil, Gas, and Commingled) by location and licensee.

Alberta Licensee (Operator) Locations, Fluids, Pools

Changes Today

Covers the locations, fields and pools where E&P companies operate.