Fuzeium generates valuable insights about Alberta's oil & gas industry through data dashboards.

 There are two ways to access our services:

Our Dashboard Focus Area:   

Alberta Oil & Gas - Market / Competitor Intelligence,
interpreted through public data about Wells & Licenses.

 Premium Subscription Module:  Well Intelligence

  • Content:  17 questions answered with 17 interactive dashboards.
  • Business Value:  Understand the Alberta competitive landscape; areas of interest; potential partners
  • Specific Audience:  Geo/earth science, Investors, M&A, A&D, Res./Prod. Engineers, Competitor Intell etc.

Public Free Module:  Inactive and Orphan Wells

  • Content:  13 questions answered with 13 interactive dashboards
  • General Audience: general public, oil and gas industry, government, investors, cleantech, students etc.
  • Learning Objective:  number of wells that don't produce; that lack a licencee; AB drilling trends over 12 years

Question-led Data Analytics ©


  • Begin with a clear question of interest.
  • The question helps focus the analysis.
  • Data integration and prep can take 80% of effort.
  • Analysis of the data is about 20% of the effort.
  • Visualization of data is essential.
  • Interaction with dashboards ignites insight.

Fuzeium Format ©


  • Our dashboards start with the question of interest.
  • An objective explanation is then offered.
  • The visuals interact with one another.
  • Dates and numbers will recalculate automatically.
  • An Auto Play button is offered on some.
  • Click on image to load the dashboard.

Numerous tools and techniques are used to create the user experience, but Microsoft's Power BI is the main visualization platform.