Whose O&G Wells Have Geothermal Potential?

All Alberta oil and gas wells as of October 31, 2016, have been assessed for their geothermal potential (through a study facilitated by CanGEA).  There were more than 60,000 wells identified (out of nearly 600,000 wellbores in the province).

The wells are grouped into those with potential for Direct Heat (>60c), Industrial Heat (>90c) and Power Generation (>120c).  The communities near the wells are also listed.

The interactive dashboard below allows you to evaluate where the >60,000 wells with geothermal potential are located and identify their possible application.

(Best viewed on a tablet or PC. Use the “Full Page” diagonal arrow for full screen.)

Fuzeium took an additional step to link the study’s results to the operators/licensees who own the wells.

  • The following static images show the companies with the most wells in each geothermal category.
  • You can subscribe to Fuzeium’s Well Intelligence subscription to interact with the dashboard and identify all companies.

The potential for Direct HeatCanadian Natural Resources has the most wells.

The potential for Industrial HeatTourmaline Oil has the most wells.

The potential for Power Generation – Direct Energy has the most wells.

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