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Learn to Enable Data-Driven Decisions with Power BI–> The Jr. Oil Co. Case

Calgary, Alberta Canada

The same seminar offered on three different days.
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April 18, 2019    2:30-4:00pm in-person, amphitheater, seminar

May 23, 2019    2:30-4:00pm in-person, amphitheater, seminar

June 27, 2019    2:30-4:00pm in-person, amphitheater, seminar

Fuzeium oil and gas business case with Power BI

Free Seminar – Feb 21, 2019 – Calgary: Enable Data-Driven Decisions with (Microsoft Power BI)-the Jr. Oil Co. Case

Fuzeium oil and gas business case with Power BI

Data-Driven Decisions: please join us to learn more about this important capability

Audience: Business decision makers who want to learn more about data-driven decisions and become more aware of Microsoft Power BI’s capability. This is Not a technical IT “how-to” presentation.

Information is presented as a Case Study:

  • Using a fictitious, very small, Jr. Oil Co. operating near Red Deer.
  • The business case is simplified to allow for illustration of Power BI.

From this seminar you’ll understand:

  • The value of question-led data analytics / data dashboards
  • The value of integrating multiple sources of data
  • How data dashboards generate insight
  • Typical roles associated with dashboard initiatives
  • Basic components of Power BI

Attendee feedback from similar sessions by Fuzeium using Calgary vehicular traffic analysis:

  • “I was absolutely taken with the content, the flow, the story, your pace and your ability to create a comfortable and engaging environment for us participants”
  • “The ‘storyline’ was very powerful … I stayed captivated throughout the presentation”
  • “It was wonderful, and I really enjoyed how you structured the presentation”

Fuzeium is an innovative data analytics consultancy based in Calgary.
We emphasize question-led analytics, of which Microsoft Power BI plays an important part.

The Iceberg Analogy

Insight From Data Dashboards: A big chunk of the work pertains to the data itself, and when it’s done well, a small portion of the effort pertains to the visual layer.

11 Steps to Generate Insight From Data Using Visual Dashboards

11 steps to generate insight from data using visual dashboards. Data analytics is often messy and iterative, so this workflow can serve as a guide. We begin by uncovering a key question of interest for the customer. We end with a narrative explaining how the dashboard’s insights address the question. This workflow is not dependent on any one technology, though at Fuzeium we use Microsoft Power BI (and an assortment of other tools).