Completion Event

A Wellbore Completion is a set of one or more Wellbore Contact Intervals that function as a unit to produce or inject fluids. Completion events each have their own UWI.

Confidential Below

A well that falls inside a designated non-confidential AER order but the well’s total depth is deeper.


A Fuzeium Dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays complex Alberta Oil and Gas information on a single integrated screen.

Inactive Well

Inactive Wells are owned by an Operator or Licensee. The license status is issued however there is often no production or activity. These wells remain the responsibility of the operator to be re-activated or abandoned as per AER standards.

Orphan Well

Orphan Wells are confirmed as not having an owner or legal party to manage the abandonment and reclamation. These wells are assigned to the Orphan Well Association.

Lahee Classification

A “pre-spud” assignment to each well based on the geological complexities and the known existence of hydrocarbon accumulations (pools) in the area where the well is to be drilled.

New Confidential

A Well has been licensed and added to the Confidential Well List which is updated Daily by the AER.

Off Confidential

A well no longer appears on the confidential well list.

Pool, Formation, Field and Commingled

ST1, ST37 and ST49

Statistical reports (STs) published by the AER on a regular basis. Daily Updates are available in ST1 (Well licenses Issued, amended and cancelled) and in ST49 (Drilling Activity). All of Alberta’s wells and associate information is published in ST37 and available monthly. Fuzeium uses these reports to prepare and integrate the data for our Dashboards.

Question Led Data Analytics

Begin with a clear question of interest.
The question helps focus the analysis.
Insight is generated interaction with the dashboards.

Well Intelligence

A Fuzeium Subscription Module that contains 17 Dashboards and allow the users to Gain Insight from Alberta Oil and Gas Data. The module contains Drilling, Licenses, Fluids, Completions and Heavy Oil.


The PPDM “What is a well” definition: A Wellbore is a path of drilled footage, from the Well Origin (top/start) to a terminating point (bottom/end). There can be many wellbores associated with a primary surface location.