Which Alberta oil & gas wells have geothermal potential?

  • With the support of the Alberta Government, CanGEA commissioned a study to illustrate the size of the opportunity to co-produce geothermal energy from existing Oil & Gas wells in Alberta. 
  • With the goal of better public awareness and engagement with these results; CanGEA worked with Fuzeium to create an interactive experience to complement the report.


  • A pair of interactive dashboards was created; enabling the general public to easily connect with the results of this study and imagine how geothermal co-production could impact and benefit their communities.


  • Over 60,000 oil and gas wells in Alberta have the potential for geothermal production.   
  • Three categories, based on the temperature at the bottom of the well:
    Power Generation (>120c) : about 500 wells
    Industrial Heat (>90c): about 7,200 wells
    Direct Heat (>60):  about 53,000 wells