FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fuzeium Mean?

Check out our About page for the definition of Fuzeium.

What is a Fuzeium Dashboard?

What is the difference between Free/Public and Subscription/Premium Dashboards?

How do I use a Premium Dashboard?

How do I use a Public Dashboard?

How are you different from Accumap / Geoscout?

Fuzeium provides simplified dashboards that assist the user in finding quick answers to questions about Alberta Oil and Gas. We focus on integrating public data rather than on technical interpretation.


Why does every dashboard start with a question?

Fuzeium’s approach to building dashboards begins with a clear question of interest to our customers. The question helps focus the analysis making the process more efficient.

Where do you get the data for your dashboards?

Our premium dashboard data is currently sourced from the AER and Alta_LIS. We also extract orphan well information from the OWA.

How often does the data refresh?

Fuzeium integrates a number of different data sources. Our premium dashboards are updated as the data becomes available: Current Activity is updated daily and our other premium dashboards are updated monthly.

Can I download data from a dashboard?

Yes, for Subscription/Premium Dashboards. Data can be exported as a .CSV. Simply click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the chart part and select Export Data.  No, for Free/Public dashboards.

Can I upload my own data to a dashboard?

No. However, you may contact us to discuss custom dashboard consulting.

Can I download the entire dashboard?

No.  But data can be exported from Subscription Dashboards via individual graphs, charts and tables.

DASHBOARDS – Visualization

Can I accidentally break a dashboard or change the data?

Do dashboards work on my phone?

Dashboards are not optimized for the phone. We recommend using a tablet, laptop or desktop for optimal interaction.

What is the best way to print a dashboard?

Printing from your browser is an option, however, the dashboards are not positioned to fit on a single page. We ask that if you take a Snap shot or a snip of the dashboard that our logo is included. Please review the Terms of Use in regard to the usage of our data.

What is the Auto Play for?

How do I expand the entire dashboard for a presentation?

Click on ‘Full screen’ below the dashboard. Use the Esc key to return to the main screen.

How can I expand the map or other visualizations within a dashboard?

Click the square in the upper right-hand corner of the visualization.

Why does the map sometimes have an (i) symbol in the upper left-hand corner of a map?

Due to the large volume of data available in Alberta, we are unable to display it all. The (i) in the corner suggests that not all data is plotted. Filter the data through dashboard interaction to get a more accurate picture.

Why are there no lines or other shapes on your maps?

PowerBI is a data analytics tool and the embedded Bing map does not support the addition of objects.

Can I save my search criteria in a dashboard?

We do not currently have the capability to save searches.

What is the best PC / audio visual equipment for viewing a dashboard?

Our dashboards can be viewed on any device however they are optimized for a high definition  laptop/desktop


What are the terms and conditions for using dashboards?

Please visit our Terms of Use.

Can I share my user id with someone else?

Please see our Terms of Use.

Can I purchase a multi-user license for my team or business?

We do not currently offer a multi-user license however this is under review.


Can I submit ideas for dashboards?

Yes, please contact us.

Can I have a custom developed dashboards?

Yes, please contact us to discuss some custom dashboard consulting options.

Can I have a private space to see custom dashboards?

Yes, we have the capability to host custom dashboards. This is part of our consulting service.


What is license status?

The license status is what is reported to the AER. (Issued, Amended, Re-entered, Suspension, Reclaimed, Reclaimed-Exempt). This is under directive 56. This is not the same as the well current status that is customary with some data vendors.