• Dashboards provide valuable insights about the Alberta Oil & Gas industry
  • We offer two standard types:
    1. SUBSCRIPTION Dashboards: pay to access premium content & download data
    2. FREE Dashboards:   just click to access and interact (no data download feature)
  • Also, see our Services page for custom dashboards.

1. SUBSCRIPTION Dashboards:  Alberta Well Intelligence Module v1.0

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  • Content: access more than 15 dashboards related to Alberta Drilling, Well Bores, Licensees, Fluids, Heavy Oil
  • Audience:  well service & supply, consultants, small / mid-cap operators, investors, geoscience etc.
  • Value:  understand the industry landscape, interpreted through well drilling and license activity
  • How:  first subscribe; then click on dashboard thumbnail images below.  Then interact and download data*.
    * subscription dashboards allow you to download your search results into Excel.

SUBSCRIPTION Dashboards:  Alberta Well Intelligence Module 
CAD $29.95 + tax / month

Monthly auto-renewal. Cancel anytime.

2. FREE Dashboards:

  • Content: Access more than 12 dashboards – Alberta drilling history, inactive, orphan wells, geothermal
  • Audience: well service & supply, geothermal, renewables, clean tech, investors, students etc.
  • Value: see trends in drilling over 12 years; potential for well reuse or decomissioning; geothermal potential
  • How:  Hover mouse over image for description. Just click on the image of interest to load and interact.
    * There’s no download data feature with Public / Free Dashboards